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About Us

We always wanted the self sufficient farm life and purchased our plot of land back in 2012.  After researching what to plant on the property for not wanting to compete with the apple and plum market that already exists in the area, we decided to plant Jujubes. This was mainly due to them being new to the WA market and the amazing health benefits of the fruit and the hardiness of the tree.  

We always think "what did they do in the olden days" and try not to speed up nature or add chemicals to any of our produce.  Our animals lead a happy life and our land provides natural goodness through slow, natural harmonious methods.


Our ethos is ...... we believe in looking after our land and our animals to ensure the best quality produce available to our customers.  We do not spray our fruit.  All the goodness from our free range animals poop goes back into our land ensuring what we grow and what our animals eat has no nasties.  What you are eating is 100% natural.  We like to think back to what our predecessors did.  We don't speed up the process and believe that what was done years ago can still be attributed today without all the fast paced life we now live which also includes speeding up nature with our food.

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